Cold and Rainy Cleans

No Bread Challenge – Day 19

WoDs are posted on the Craic main site at 8PM the day before.  Today’s workout (that I read last night) is normally one that I would love. 3 rounds for time, 10 clean and jerks, 50 double unders.  Rx weight was 95#.

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  It was cold, rainy, dark.  My left shoulder has been bothering me for the last month or so and I tweaked it during snatch Wednesdays this past week. My ankle is still bothering me as well, so double unders were out.  But I got out of bed anyway and meandered into Craic.

I considered doing the clean and jerk at a lower weight, but even at 45# it felt a bit wonky.  After conferring with Jarrod, we decided that I would do squat cleans at 95# and do 25 knees to elbows in place of the double unders.  No overhead for me today, which was definitely the right call.  As far as the workout was concerned: not only did I NOT do squat cleans (like Jarrod and I had discussed), I also did my awesome trick where I was jumping up and backwards – which is NOT what I should be doing.  Jarrod said that I did it for almost all 30 cleans.  Awesome – oh and a reminder, I didn’t do one squat clean the entire time.  Ahhh.  Looks like I need some work.  The knees to elbows were harder than I thought that they were going to be on my legs and core.  If you even had any momentum moving back or forth it screwed up the entire cadence.  Final time: 6:58 – which gives me some hope that I’ll do Barbells for Boobs (Amazing Grace) sub 10.

Food Yesterday:

  • bacon, eggs
  • hamburger patty, salad stuffs
  • dark chocolate covered almonds
  • b.good double westside burger, sweet potato fries

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