Judging at the Master’s Throwdown

Saturday I judged at the Master’s Throwdown at Crossfit New England.  I was a lot more confident going in from a judging perspective because of my time at Firebreather and also at the Garage Games accreditation.  Words can’t describe how inspiring it to be at the Masters.  The oldest competitors were around 64 years old (and coincidentally, they are also Craic members!) Susan (see below) even had her AARP bag with her at the competition.  

I got a lot of great feedback from the athletes that I judged.  They said that I did a great job, no reps were fair, clear and I counted and kept them on track.  I think I might be getting the hang of this judging thing.

Here are some shots from the Masters:

Johnny D (top left) got 2nd in his age group. Here’s his blog post about his time at the Masters. Neil (top right), the 64 year old from Craic cleaning some heavy weights.  Jay (bottom left) has only been Crossfitting for 3 months!  And the last pic is the calm before the storm (athlete / judge meeting).  I could go on for days about all the other amazing people from Craic that were there – but suffice it to say – everyone made me proud.  I’m so incredibly fortunate to be part of such an amazing group of people at Craic.

Here’s me judging the guy who beat Johnny D out for 1st place. (Photo courtesy of VBS Crossfit Photography)

And here’s one more of me judging (Photo courtesy of VBS Crossfit Photography)

Those wall balls were tough.  That’s where the most people got no-repped.  They either didn’t hit the target or didn’t get below depth at the bottom.  

Overall, great day.  Left feeling exhausted and motivated all at the same time.

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