Shoulder Woes and Mobility with Dizzle

No Bread Challenge – Day 22

After a long day of judging at the Master’s Throwdown, my shoulder, which has been bothering me since Wednesday (well, it’s a 10 year issue – but it’s flaring up) was screaming.  The pain extended down my arm, down my back and was giving me a headache.  I texted Jarrod that night about our session on Sunday and it went the following way:

Stina: Tomorrow request: mobility (since you’re fancy and certified) and deadlifts.  Shoulder is not good.

Jarrod: I’m about to fu** your world up with mobility.  Bring tissues.

As linked above, Jarrod, Glen, and Sara all went to a mobility certification seminar on Saturday.  I knew Jarrod would have some good ways to help me get my shoulder back into working order.  I’ve linked to their blog posts on their time at the mobility cert.

Anyway, he came through with his promise.  I didn’t actually cry, but I told him that I hated him, I wanted him to die multiple times … and I thought I might die during one of them.  I can’t even describe what he did in full detail – but it did consist of him stepping on my arm / shoulder at one point and at another point wrapping this rubber band so tightly around my left arm that I have the broken blood vessels to prove it.  I definitely felt a bit better after all was said and done – but the shoulder is still bothering me A LOT – to the point where I made an appointment with the doctor for Friday 😦  Anything overhead is tricky right now, so I’m trying to stay away from it.  Today, the WoD was double unders and wall balls – so I decided to take a rest day.  (1) Double unders are killing my ankle right now and (2) I didn’t want to press a weighted med ball over my head a bunch of times with my shoulder being the way it was.  After about 20 minutes of mobility (read: torture) we moved on to working on the deadlift.

Deadlift work: It still hasn’t popped in my head where to bend and when to bend, I got a little closer – but it still needs work.   Not a ton to say about it.

Food all weekend was all over the place.  Mostly NO BREAD, but had some treats here and there.  Since I haven’t logged my food all weekend – my memory of what I ate was a little scattered.  I did have 5 french fries and about 1/4 cup of rice on Saturday after the throwdown.  I also had some ekmek, a Greek dessert.  Yesterday, Niko and I went to Sichuan Gourmet II in Framingham and had a no bread lunch (see plate below: green beans, steamed bacon with chili oil and garlic, bamboo shoots with sesame oil)

And then we went on a date night to see Somewhere Between (as an Asian adoptee from Korea who was placed in a white family in Maine…it was a must-see for me).  But first, we went to Hungry Mother and I had a No Bread meal there as well.  Clockwise from the top pork belly with mustard seeds, turnips, pea greens and onion; deviled eggs, sausage, and beet salad; tomato soup with lobster.  DELICIOUS. I did end up having some popcorn at the movies, but it’s a new day and I’m back on track.


As mentioned above, my shoulder is feeling like crap which is essentially making my entire left side feel like crap.  I decided that I needed to take today off and hit it hard (well, as hard as I can with a bum shoulder) tomorrow.  I ordered some lacrosse balls on Amazon yesterday to do some mobility stuff for my shoulder at home (exercises that Jarrod gave me).  Then it’s off to the doctor on Friday.  

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