Today’s workout was with Mr. John McEvoy and it was 5 RFT: 9 deadlifts, 9 HSPU

Since my shoulder has been wonky, I talked to John and he suggested that I do bench presses with the 45# bar instead of the shoulder press (which I likely would have substituted for the HSPUs). Deadlifts felt better this time around -Jarrod gave me some good things to think about on Sunday and John did this morning pre-workout.

I’m really irritated about my shoulder.  I told John this morning that I was worried about all the progress that I’ve made since I’ve started and now it’s all going to go downhill should something serious be going on.  He said “You’re not slowing down, you’re just hitting pause for a bit on the progress.”  Definitely some good perspective.  I’ve been dealing with this problem for over a decade now and I know deep down it’s not just a mobility issue.  Until Crossfit, I never really had a reason to care if my shoulder was bothering me.  Now I do, and I want to bust my ass to get better so I can get better overall.  

For some reason, this morning – thinking about my shoulder and the gains that I’ve made both physically and emotionally since starting Crossfit … it just motivated me more to work a little harder and eat a little cleaner.  Just take that extra step to being the best version of me I can be.  

Looking forward to what Dr. Rockett says.  

This is my goal for the body I want  (minus the fake boobs – no judgment – to each their own…)  3-2-1 GO!

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