Everyone’s working on their snatch. I’m cleaning.

No Bread Challenge – Day 24

Everyone was working on their snatch today (after all, it’s Snatch Wednesday!) I knew I wasn’t going to do any overhead movements, so I did cleans instead (per John McEvoy’s suggestion).  We did some skill work – the class did snatch to overhead squats and I did hang squat cleans.

The work out was a EMOM 12 of three hang snatches (I did cleans).  Glen was coaching today and gave me some good things to think about because I was still jumping back slightly.  I’m doing better about staying on my heels and using my hamstrings more.  Glen put a bunch of 2.5# and 5# plates in the middle of the room and told us to add / subtract as we felt like it during the workout.  I did the following for the 12 rounds:

  • 2 rounds @ 75#
  • 2 rounds @ 80#
  • 3 rounds @ 85#
  • 5 rounds @ 90#

Overall felt good.  Shoulder bugged me a tiny bit, but I was careful not to go too heavy for the hang cleans.

Food Yesterday:

  • bacon, eggs
  • chicken salad, veggies
  • kaeli-o-cookie
  • tortilla chips, buffalo chicken dip
  • coconut bar

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