Tough Day

No Bread Challenge – Day 25

Today has been a tough day.  We had some layoffs at work (my job, thank goodness, was not affected) and they sent everyone home for the day.  Even though my job wasn’t affected, friends of mine were and it is a hard thing to process. I can’t and won’t go into any details about it publicly – but suffice it to say – it’s been a tough day.

I went to the 12:00PM class at Craic today to get my mind off things.  I got to see Annie Michel who was visiting Craic from Crossfit Beacon in Maine to do a 1-1 session with her son-in-law, who happens to be John McEvoy.  It’s always great to see her.  For those of you who don’t know who she is – she placed 2nd in the WORLD in her age group at the Crossfit Games in the Masters Division.  AWESOME.  She’s also a fellow Maine-ah and I hope to get up there and do a Crossfit workout with her some time soon!  Always great to see her and it made my day a bit brighter.

The workout was an AMRAP 5 x 3 (2 min rest in between each set): 10 box jumps, 10 pull-ups, 10 burpees.  With my shoulder woes, I knew I was going to modify the crap out of the workout – John was coaching the class and after talking to him I did ring pulls instead of pull-ups and burpees without going down into the push up. (Essentially doing them into the plank position).  The goal was to learn about pacing, as we all have a tendency to go out too fast in a workout and be toast before the clock runs out.  John challenged us to do better as each set passes.  This was a great metcon workout and I really focused on what John told us and was pretty successful.  Final score: 2+16 / 2+ 24 / 3 + 4

I’d like to think the video below is because Lily sensed I was having a bad day and gave me kisses to comfort me, but I’m pretty sure it’s because my face was salty from the sweat.  At any rate, I’ll take it.  Kitty kisses always make me feel better.  And her sandpaper tongue is exfoliating on the skin 🙂  

Food yesterday:

  • bacon, eggs
  • sashimi
  • kaeli-o-cookie
  • salmon and spinach, sweet potato mash, three mini-cheeseburgers (no bun)
  • coconut flakes

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