Fall – Raking for Time

No Bread Challenge – Day 27

Today was a rest day.  Kind of.  We desperately needed to rake the leaves in the lawn, so I guess the WoD today was a team effort of bag and rake for reps (bags).  As we were raking, the leaves were still falling from the trees, so we know we’re going to do a round two.

Here’s a picture of some of my images from the day … the cat and pumpkins were taken at our neighbor’s yard.  He goes out for all the holidays.  I love it.  He had to take down most of the decorations because of the threat of Hurricane Sandy, but I think he’s keeping the blow up stuff until at least Monday.  The flower / moth was in our yard and the leaves were our “score” for the day.  Now it’s time to make my Halloween costume for a party tonight.  

Food yesterday:

  • bacon, eggs
  • cookies (as mentioned in yesterday’s post)
  • chicken salad with veggies
  • burger (no bun), sweet potato onion rings

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