Front Squats Supported

No Bread Challenge -Day 29

Since I heard the diagnosis of a potentially slap tear, I’ve been mentally listing off all the things I CAN’T do now that I have the shoulder injury.  I can’t do snatches.  I can’t do jerks.  I can’t do kipping anything. I can’t do … anything.  That’s what I was really saying.  This week is especially hard because it’s testing week.  All that hard work over the last six weeks to get us doing better at specific things.  I was so excited to re-test my snatch and clean and jerk.  Now I can’t.  I also can’t do Fran at the end of the No Bread Challenge.  I haven’t even gotten the MRI yet, and the diagnosis seems bleak and not motivating.  I was making such great progress with my lifts and sidelined.  I can keep telling myself all sorts of inspirational shit, but truth is…this fucking sucks.  I wallowed most of this weekend thinking about it.

Hurricane Sandy is about to barrel through so work advised us to stay home today.  I had some trouble falling asleep last night, and when my alarm went off at 6:00AM, I wasn’t very motivated to get out of bed.  So I set it for 7:00AM and still not motivated.  I wallowed some more and finally got up around 8:00AM.  I didn’t really want to go to Craic, it’s just too depressing to think about all that I couldn’t do.  I mean, what the hell am I going to do on Wednesday for Snatch 1RM test and Friday for Clean and Jerk 1RM test?  Why do I give a shit about front squats (today’s test was 1RM)?  I’ve been stuck at 145# for 6 months.  But for some reason I motivated to go to the 9:00AM class.  I had minimal expectations going into it for my front squat.

Jarrod was coaching today and we did some mobility and then went straight into building up for the front squat.  I worked with Sara and Carleen (it is Carleen’s birthday today!) and they were super motivating. Today reminded me about why I love Crossfit and why I shouldn’t continue to wallow and focus on the stuff I can’t do.  Jarrod gave some great coaching pointers and everyone was encouraging everyone else.  Both Sara and Carleen PR’d today!  Woot!  Woot!  I worked my way up to the dreaded 145# and it felt really easy.  I was hopeful going into 150#.  And as it turns out, I CAN do something.  I CAN still get better, even if other aspects of my Crossfit life are on hold. I ended today’s test with a final score of 165#.  That’s a 20# PR, yo.  Our rep schemes below:

I know as this shoulder issue progresses, I’m going to have bad days, but this is one of the good days that reminds me not to give up, not to feel sorry for myself, and focus on what I can do.  I can modify any workout, I can focus on mobility, I can focus on making my body as strong as possible in the chance that I have to have surgery, I can eat clean. I can always rely on my coaches, my fellow Craic heads, my family, my friends, my cats (sorry, had to) to get me through this. I can…I can…I can…

And on that note, just for fun – he’s a video of me failing at 170#.  This was my second attempt and wasn’t happening.  I’m okay with this.  I’ll take a 20# PR any day!

In other news, Jarrod got a very special brand of mobility today that I got to play witness to.  

I don’t remember everything I ate yesterday.  I definitely had some slow cooked curry chicken, mashed sweet potatoes with pancetta, egg salad with bell pepper and some homemade almond butter cups.

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