Testing – Round 2 – Diane

No Bread Challenge – Day 31

Today was a testing Diane.  Back during the original Diane test, I did 21-15-9 @125# deadlifts and bench handstand pushups.  With the shoulder thing, I modified to a 45# bench press this time around.

Now that I’ve been working on my deadlifts, they were so much easier this time around.  I managed to do all sets of the deadlift portion completely unbroken.  I managed to do the first 21 bench presses unbroken, 15 I had to break up into 10 and 5, and did the last 9 unbroken.  I think next time I do it, I am going to have to go a heavier weight for both – as I cruised through today’s re-test at 3:34.  A :27 improvement from 6 weeks ago.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me.  Or as others call it Snatch Wednesday re-test.  Womp womp.

Yesterday I made a kick-ass Paleo-friendly meatloaf chock full o’veggies.  Was worried that the power might go out mid-bake – but turned out great.  I’d post a picture, but it kind of looked like cat food next to the sweet potato mash I ate with it.  Speaking of cats, here’s some pics of my kitties keeping an eye out for each other and on the storm yesterday.

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