Re-test, Day 5 – Clean and (No) Jerks

No Bread Challenge – Day 33

Today was the last day of this round of testing.  It was clean and jerks.  I woke up this morning feeling like shit.  Thought I was going to throw up, had the chills…thought I was just a bit dehydrated so I got out of bed and went to Craic.  Felt sick again, but pushed through the workout.  When we did the original test 6 weeks ago, I ended up PRing for my clean and jerk at 130#.  Jarrod kept on asking me this week what I was going to go for for my clean.  I said 135# – he thought I could get 140# at least.  He thought that our training these last months would help.  They probably could have – but I was too much in my head and really lived up to “You are as good as you think you are.”  I thought I could only do 135# and that’s exactly what I did.  If I were outside of my head a bit more and really used the training I’ve been doing on my form – I probably could have gotten more.  I was really pissed that I missed at 140# and someone said “Congrats on your PR” and I said “It’s a PR, but I’m not happy about it.”  Then I remembered what I commented to my friend, Johnny D, in response to one of his recent blog posts.  

“You’re way too hard on yourself, Johnny D.  Take your PRs and celebrate them.  Stop saying “I wasn’t happy with that”…you bust your ass and are getting better every day.  Sheesh.”

Johnny D. was actually in the gym today when I said that about my PR and got to see that I wasn’t practicing what I preach.  Easier said than done, eh?  Here’s a video of me getting the PR at 135# and the subsequent fails at 140#.  Each fail had something different wrong with the form.  Props to my girl Nicole for filming.  

Rep Scheme:

  • 3x 75#
  • 3 x 95#
  • 2 x 115#
  • 125#
  • 130#
  • 135#

After that, went home, got ready for work and still couldn’t get the chills and the stomach ache out of my system.  Headed in and felt progressively worse.  I ended up leaving work and am at home right now trying to get healthy.  I went and got a Craic Cobb salad at Salem Foods and am now home, trying to rest and warm up.  Notice my awesome cat socks.  Time to rest up.  Sorry this post is so disjointed.  

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