Make-Up Work – Stina’s Mod WoD

No Bread Challenge – Day 35

Yesterday was an unplanned rest day, still felt a bit under the weather and decided that resting up and sleeping it off was the best plan.  Definitely was a good idea.  Tried to muster up some energy to go to dinner last night (too lazy to cook and needed to get out of the house) and even that was a challenge.

Decided to try to get back at it and go to Craic for open gym and do yesterday’s WoD.  It was an AMRAP 12 – Ladder of kettlebell swings and wall balls.  I obviously can’t do full KB swings or throw the ball above my head, so I modified and did Russian KB swings and front squats with the 15# medicine ball.  This was a tough workout.  Still felt a bit rundown, so as the reps got higher, I was taking a longer rest in between.  My goal was to get at least 12, ended up getting 13 + 2.  I’ll take it.  Since I’m going to modifying the majority of my workouts for the next couple of weeks, I’ll refer to them as my Mod WoDs 🙂

I’ve been shitty about remembering what I’ve been eating.  I’ve been for the most part on No Bread, except my husband was home when the neighborhood children were doing their fundraising sale and bought some cookie mix.  I decided to make a batch of cookies from the mix for him … BIG MISTAKE.  I ate one of them … and seriously, I think that those kids were peddling crack.  THEY ARE AMAZING.  Trying not to eat too many of them.  Yikes.

Tomorrow is my MRA for my shoulder.  

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