Row and Burpees

No Bread Challenge – Day 36

I knew looking at today’s workout that it looked simple enough on paper, but was not going to be in actuality.  It was 4 RFT 250m row, 10 burpees.  Pure metcon workout and it kicked my ass.  Holy shit.  Not to mention that I did that workout yesterday with the med ball front squats.  My quads were KILLING me and are still sore as I type this.  The row was making them burn and then you would get off the rower and that jump up from the squatting position just killed you.  I did my mod wod of modified burpees and did the row as per usual.  Today’s WoD hurt me real good.  Definitely need to work on my metcon A LOT more. Final score: 9:19

Went and got my MRA earlier today.  Wasn’t half bad, I didn’t even panic as they eased me into the scanning chamber this time.  I barely felt the injection (although when the pain stuff wears off, I might be singing a different tune…)  Only hiccup was that on the last scan I had to go pee really badly and the last one was really, really palpable and it made me have to go pee more.  I finally had to hit the panic button because I was pretty sure I was going to pee my pants.  They let me out and I went and did my thing and went back in for the last scan.  Ugh.  Oh well.  If I end up having the surgery, I’m pretty sure my cats are planning my demise when I’m weak and can’t protect myself.  Here’s some proof of their plotting.

Tonight I’m off to see Wreck it Ralph with Susie Diesel and Johnny D’s…KIDS.  Niko doesn’t want to see it with me and I need an excuse to go see it (and not see it alone) so I’m borrowing their kids to be my excuse.  It’s a win-win 🙂

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