Rest Day and Wreck it Ralph

No Bread Challenge – Day 37

Today was an unplanned rest day, sort of.  I knew that there was potential that my shoulder would still be tight from the MRA yesterday and it surely was this morning when I woke up.  The lidocaine they injected before injecting the die wore off about 30 minutes into seeing Wreck it Ralph with Susie Diesel and Johnny D’s kids…Love having friends that have kids I can borrow as an excuse to see funny kids movies 🙂

Here’s me with the fellas at the showing last night with our fancy 3D glasses.

Wreck it Ralph was a great movie, and anyone that has ever played video games since they were created or loves candy and sweets (I know, not NO BREAD friendly) needs to go and see it.  Surprisingly, the boys (who are 12 and 9), knew a lot more of the video game references than I thought they would!  

Back to the gym tomorrow. Only three more excruciating days until I get my results for the MRA. Ugh.

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