Feel the Fear and effing ROW!

No Bread Challenge – Day 38

Today, I was very close to doing the dreaded cherry picking of WoDs.  I google imaged cherry picking and this one popped up.  I’m not even sure what’s going on here, but it made me laugh.

But I reminded myself of the eating of two cookies last night and promptly got my ass out of bed.  The reason I was going to cherry pick?  The WoD was a 2000m row.  All metcon, all endurance.  I was tired.  I stayed up late watching the election coverage.  I had a bad Monday.  So many excuses, but no real or valid reason other than I didn’t want to row fucking 2000m today.

Class was small-ish which was kind of perfect.  Jarrod, who’s a Crossfit certified rowing coach, killed it with his coaching today.  Since it was a small class, he was able to work with us ALL on technique and monitor how each of us was doing.  He gave some pointers – row – LEGS, BACK, ARMS, ARMS, BACK, LEGS – a mantra, if you will to break down your movements.  He reminded us to rest on the way back and what the most efficient way to row was.  My mind is swimming with all the different things he showed us today.

Onto the row.  Two words: It sucked.  I asked Jarrod about pacing, and he suggested that we go all out for the first 500m, work on efficiency and keep moving the middle 1000m, and all out for the final 500m.  I had a pretty good pace at the start, around 1:50/500m … about half way through that first 500m I thought I was going to die.  I told myself all the excuses that I could provide when I dropped the handle and was going to tell Jarrod that I couldn’t do it.  There were A LOT of them that ran through my head.  But I kept on going and then when I got to the middle 1000m my pace dropped from 2:10/500m – 2:20/500m.  I was determined not to go any slower than 2:20/500m.  As the distance left dwindled down, and I saw that final 500m, I wanted to cry.  I wanted to quit.  My mind was telling me all the reasons why it would be OK not to finish and just take the DNF.  Not once did it tell me a reason why I should keep on doing it.  But my body wouldn’t give up.  I plugged away at the final 500m at about a 2:00/500m pace.  My original goal was to finish in under 10:00.  My final time was: 8:41.5

Earlier this week, my pal Elizabeth posted Craic’s private FB page this:

This couldn’t have been more true this morning.  

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