Snow Mod WoD

No Bread Challenge – Day 39

Last night we were supposed to get hit with a rain storm with high wind gusts.  Instead, we got hit with a storm that dumped 4 inches of snow on top of us.  Originally, the workout was supposed to be Helen.  Since we couldn’t run outside, they switched the WoD to 30 thrusters, 500m Row for time. Since no shoulder to overhead for me, I did front squats.

The Rx weight for the workout was 65#, so that’s what I was going to do.  Then I got a subtle clue from Jarrod to go higher, so I did my mod wod at 75#.  The front squats were a lot tougher than I thought they’d be.  I had the bar way up on my neck and sometimes found it hard to breathe through doing 30 of them at an all out effort.  I had to break it up and drop the bar a couple of times.  Got to the row, tried to maintain about a 2:00 / 500m pace.  This was a sprint workout and my final time was 4:14.

Went home and got worried that with the sleet / freezing rain, the driveway would freeze over so I decided to do some weight training and a little metcon by shoveling.  Niko had to catch a train and since I live so close to work, I did the whole driveway.  The snow was wet and heavy and gave me a decent workout.  It bothered my shoulder a bit…but I got through it.

Here’s a sampling of the cleared driveway, Lily looking over the snowy street, and one of my favorite tshirts for working out.

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