Today was a rest day.  Feeling really tired and just needed to sleep in.  Went to the doctor today to get my follow-up results on the MRA that I had on Monday, and…

It’s not a slap tear!  It’s a partial tear of the rotator cuff ligament, which hopefully can be improved from doing bullet proof shoulders and some other PT exercises diligently over the next few months.  If there is no improvement, it means that I have floppy ligaments or something and we will have to re-evaluate.  The BEST news is that I can start doing shoulder to overhead again.  Just need to take my time building back up with the weight.

So no more bench pressing instead of shoulder to overhead!

Or any of this:

Tomorrow, I’m judging at Crossfit Southie for the New England Finals.  Should be fun! (Although all I really want to do it go into the gym!)

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