Garage Games – New England Finals – Judging

Yesterday, I got to judge at another Garage Games event called the New England Finals at Crossfit Southie.  I’m really loving judging, and as I’ve said before, it really allows me to participate in the competition without competing.  This time, there were two other Craic heads judging with me – Karen and Katie:

The three workouts that required judging yesterday were:

Queezy baby

8 minute amrap
6 burpee up and over the box
7 pull-ups- c2b for guys

Hulk Salad

8 minutes to establish max weight without removing hands from the bar:
2 Power Cleans
2 Front Squats
2 Shoulder to Overhead

Loop, Swoop, Pull

In 11 minutes
Run 1 mile
then in the remaining time AMRAP squat snatches 

I didn’t get to judge the Hulk Salad workout, I spent the entire morning judging Queezy Baby and then all the heats for the women for Loop, Swoop, Pull.  The burpee box jumps looked awful.  The athlete had to do a burpee (chest to the ground), and then jump over the box.  They could jump up and over onto the box or jump over it completely.  I saw a mixed bag of strategy, but I had two women that CRUSHED this workout.  One did 9+12 and the other did 10+3 which were, I believe, the top scores.  A couple people fell while doing the box portion of it and fell on me.  They just got up and kept on going….LOVED IT. I had to no-rep a bunch of people on their pull-ups.  For the men it was chest to bar (their chest had to make contact with the bar) and for the ladies they had to get their chins above the bar.  Other than that, it was really straightforward and a fun one to judge.  As I’ve mentioned previously about judging, it’s great to go and just watch the athletes go about their different strategies and form, you basically become a better athlete by just watching them go.  

In the afternoon, I judged Loop, Swoop, Pull.  This looked terrible.  It would take me almost the entire 11 minutes just to do the mile.  I think that the highest score was 31 squat snatches.  Each athlete had to stay within the running lane and their own workout lane or they got a three burpee penalty on the spot.  One of my athletes in the workout was running down the correct lane, and was gunning back to her spot and a judge / organizer walked right in front of her, forcing her in another person’s workout space. I made a judgement call right there not to penalize her, as it wasn’t her fault that someone forced her into the other box.  That’s the only controversial thing that happened yesterday.

The athletes were all super nice and respectful of the judges.  I even had a couple of people that I had judged at Firebreather that recognized me. Wish I could judge for the 2nd day, but I’m going to a wedding this afternoon for two very awesome people…

I think that the Garage Games season in New England has come to an end and people will spend the winter preparing for the 2013 Games Open.  Can’t wait for next year!

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