Back to Overhead

Yesterday, I went back into the gym and tried some overhead now that I had the all clear. I didn’t want to go too heavy with the weight, so I essentially did half of what my 1RM was for each movement just to see if I could do the movements at a light weight with no pain.

My workout was a self-made one:

  • 500m row (1:56.8)
  • bullet proof shoulders
  • lacrosse ball work
  • 3×5 clean and jerk @65#
  • 3X5 snatch @45#

Movements felt good, was able to jerk it up and snatch it up with no pain.  My form isn’t the best right now, but it all takes time.  I’d love to blame the month long hiatus I took when I was resting it, but I still have the same issues that I had prior to.  I took some video of my clean and jerk and snatch.  I VERY OBVIOUSLY have the problem where I’m still jumping up and back on both my clean and my snatch.  Ugh.  You can see it below:

5 reps, snatch @45#

5 reps clean and jerk @65#

After I went to the gym, I got all gussied up and went to our friends, Beth and Dave’s wedding in Salem.  I love these two people and their wedding was such a fantastic time…and it was great to catch up with some old friends.  Before the wedding, we went to go and get some coffee, where I got an egg nog latte…my first and last one of the holiday season.  One is for health reasons, the other is because I’m not used to eating something so rich and also with that much expresso in it … and it ended up making me REALLY SICK at the wedding reception.  I spent more time being sick than I did at my table.  Ugh.  My friend gave me some drugs to make my stomach better, and they definitely worked.  I was getting my 2nd wind and took a group picture with some pals:

As I was walking away after the photo, I tripped over my friend Dave’s leg and caught myself with my good ankle … but since I was wearing heels and now off balance, I ended up spraining my ankle.  Yay.  I got some ice from the hotel and then rock taped it when I got home.  Needless to say, with the stomach issues and the sprained ankle, I opted to stay home today (from work and from Craic…)

I guess my life for now is going to be modify, modify, modify.  On a happier note, I think I took all the bad juju away from Dave and Beth for the night, because their wedding night was magical, perfect, and beautiful.

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