Row Like a Pirate Day

So after making a bunch of excuses and getting called out by Jarrod and gently by Susie, I went into Craic dreading the 30 minute workout. I did a one legged row and 20 cals of the airdyne (instead of running).  So my mod wod was:


500m one-legged row

20 cals on airdyne

Here’s my workout set-up:

The one-legged row is a bit awkward, as you don’t quite know what to do with the leg you weren’t using.  Jarrod told me to not strap that foot in because it would remind me not to use it.  The airdyne, as predicted, sucked.  But it was such a good workout, my quads were burning by the time the 10 cal mark kicked in.   The side of my bum ankle felt really tight after all was said and done, but the 30 minutes went by surprisingly fast.  Overall, I’m glad that I went in and did the workout.  As mentioned in previous posts, I really need to work on my metcon / endurance and today was the perfect workout for that.  I was happy with my final score: 6+215m row. Chatted with Jarrod for a moment when all was said and done and was making fun of myself for making excuses last night and also that he called me out on it.  He said “Hey, as long as someone is willing to come in and do the work, I can make any workout work for them.”  So true.  No more excuses (well, at least for today).

I have to go home tonight and do my bullet proof shoulders routine for my shoulder.  Who knew these five pound dumbells could be instruments of such torture?

And for those of you that follow this blog, a reminder that I’m participating on Barbells for Boobs this weekend.  Anything you can donate would be appreciated and if you can’t donate money, please consider sharing the link so your pals can donate.  You can click on the image below to donate!  And you can copy and paste the following link if you’d like to share:

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