Miss Fortune, Deadlifts and SMH

I had a dentist appointment this morning at 8AM, so last night I knew that I had to go to bed early so that I could get up at 5AM to get to Craic for the Craic O’Dawn class at 5:30am.  After going on a fun dinner date with Niko, I got home and thought I’d get a quick League of Legends game in with some friends before I went to bed.  We started one game and were getting our asses handed to us, so we surrendered and started a new game.  It was a GREAT game that lasted almost an hour – really evenly matched.  I got some good practice in playing Miss Fortune, now it’s time to get some Nidalee time in (especially because she turns into a cat!)

Miss Fortune


Anyway, after all was said and done, the clock was 10:45PM.  Ugh.  I was hoping to get at least a solid 6 hours sleep, as I wanted to be somewhat rested before I tried for a PR was for deadlift 1RM – this is something I haven’t tested since my 2nd week at Craic.  Oh well, had to go in and see what I could do.

My PR from April was 205#. I’ve talked on the blog before about how my deadlift needs some work (okay, a lot of work), as my form tends to fall apart when I do multiple reps.  Jarrod game some great pointers this morning about form – your spine needs to be straight, where your gaze needs to be, feet are flat in front of you, dig your big toe into the ground.  He had us work out in groups and I did my deadlift bro-session with Shannan.  Shannan was going to be lifting A LOT heavier than I was, but we built up our rep scheme together until about 175#.  After that, he jumped up weight at a more rapid pace than I did.  I worked using the following rep scheme:

  • 95#
  • 115#
  • 135# (wheels, baby!)
  • 175#
  • 205# (old PR)

When I got to 205# and addressed the bar, for some reason, I lost all confidence in myself.  I tried to pick up the bar and it wouldn’t move.  Then I switched to mixed grip and voila!  Picked it up with minimal problems.  Then it was time for me to try getting a PR.  After conferring with Jarrod, I went for 215#.  It actually went up no problem.  Here’s video of 215# below:

After 215#, I wanted to go for two “wheels” on each side – which was a milestone for me.  That would be 225#.  Did it!  Was a bit more sloppy at the top than 215#.  Caught some video of that as well.

After the cameras were off, I wanted to try to do a “little more” weight and opted to put 20 more pounds on for a total of 245#.  It came off the ground no problem, but as soon as I got the bar close to my knees, my form completely fell apart.  But I powered through it and told myself that there was no way I was going to put down the bar.  It was super fucking ugly, but I did it. So excited!   A 40# PR at 245#!  After I PR’d I looked at Jarrod and he was just shaking his head.  I got worried that I actually didn’t get the rep, but he assured me I did … just pointed out what I already knew – it was really terrible form.  In the words of Mel “Ockerbeast” Ockerby before we were set to judge in the Firebreather Festival “We’re there to make sure that they do things at the standards that they are given, no whether or not they have shitty form doing so.”  Which is basically what happened to me.  He wasn’t going to no-rep me on the deadlift, but my form was definitely shitty.  Definitely something to work on moving forward and next time I do a 245# deadlift, I’m not going to lift it if my form is falling apart.  Lucky that I didn’t get that one on video!  On a different note, my bro session guy Shannan got a PR and broke the 300# mark and got 305#.  Huge accomplishment for him!   All the ladies were matching this morning, so we took a pic and Shannan was surrounded by some hot Craic ladies.

After the get to a 1RM deadlift, we were supposed to do an AMRAP of 80% of our 1RM deadlift.  For me, that was 208#.  Jarrod told us that we were supposed to do anywhere around 15-20 reps.  I went into that portion in a bad head space, knowing that my form was crappy for 245# and then thinking it was going to be crappy for 208#.  I thought that…and surprise…it was.  I ended up only being able to do 4 reps unbroken.  Jarrod just looked at me and did this:

After that, I went to the dentist and proud to report I am cavity free!  It’s been a good 12 hours, to say the least.

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