Friday Night Fran and Barbells for Boobs

Last night we did Friday Night Fran at Craic.  Love the energy that Craic heads bring to internal events.  It was a such a great time.  I ended up counting / judging for a couple of my pals: Elizabeth, Garcia, Jason, and Brett.  They all fucking KILLED Fran.  It was such a great night.  Not a ton to say, just lots of fun and lots of people getting after it. “Judging” at these internal events are awesome because unlike Garage Games or competitions, you can actually cheer and coach along the athlete that you’re judging.

Here I am yelling at Garcia to keep moving!

Here’s me, Elizabeth, and Brett (notice I’m wearing my awesome kitty hat!) By the way, this was taken post-workout and they both look perfect.

I went home fairly early after Friday Night Fran and got a good night’s sleep before Barbell for Boobs the next morning.  After conferring with some of the coaches at Craic, I decided that I was going to go with a light weight and do the clean and jerks.  I really wanted to do the clean and jerks and felt like just doing squat cleans would suck.  So I decided to go with 65#, which is the weight that I practiced with last weekend during open gym.  I knew I was going to go fairly fast through this workout (Grace).  I started the workout and did 10 unbroken.  Dropped the bar, took two big breaths, and banged out 10 more.  Then I did the last 10 broken into two sets of 5.  The last five, I really wanted to break them up, but I was reminded that this was more than just another workout.  It was to help people, who otherwise can’t afford it, to get affordable screening and preventive care for breast cancer.  I thought about how hard it is for people struggling with breast cancer (or any type of cancer) every day.  Surely I can suffer through three more reps if they are fighting nobly for their lives every day.  My suffering (if you can even call it that) was no where close to what they went through.  So I did it.  I banged the last five out and essentially flew through the workout at 2:33.  Not only was the cause inspiring, it was also inspiring to watch my fellow Craic heads also fighting through pain and exhaustion to finish the workout as well.  Some people conquered fears of putting thirty reps over their heads, some conquered just getting through the workout at a steady pace, some people proved that they could do things that they didn’t think that they could do.  Can’t wait to be all rehabbed up and do this next year Rx.

Here’s me, mid-pull:

At the top of my jerk

Winner for best outfit of the day, Reggie D

My fave picture of the morning: Gienah and Jacob – Love these two!


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