Help me! I’m Air-Dyning Here!

Today was a fantastic workout.  We did a strength portion, interval, and AMRAP (metcon).  When I read it on the website last night I was both excited and dreading it at the same time. John was coaching this morning and I worked with him to figure out where I should modify given my sprained ankle.  Running was out of the question, as was double unders.  We (and by “We”, I mean JOHN) decided that I would sub the air dyne for both.  I hate the air dyne.  It’s an incredibly efficient workout, but it’s also an instrument of torture.  Also, you look just plain silly while doing it.  My mod wod was as follows:

A) On the min for 10mins
Even – 3 Heavy Power Cleans – drop the weight on each rep
Odd – 7 Ring Dips/ Pushups
rest 3mins

B)Run 400m for time 1:40 on Air Dyne for calories
rest 5mins

C) 12min AMRAP
10 Box Jumps – step down (I stepped up too)
10 Toes to bar/Situps
10 Double Unders 5 cal on Air Dyne

Here’s what the class in front of me looked like mid-AMRAP:

EMOM: I started out with 95# for the EMOM, but John told my pal that he needed to go heavier, because it should be heavy enough that we drop the weight after every rep.  I bumped it up to 115# for the rest of the EMOM and that was just about perfect.  I did regular push-ups and they didn’t bother my shoulder at all.

INTERVAL: Did 1:30 on the air dyne for total calories.  Torture.  The first 30 seconds were great, I cruised through them.  Then it really started hurting for the last minute.  I swear, after this injury stuff is said and done, I’m going to have quads of steel.  I was hoping for at least 20 cals, I ended up getting 34 cals.  My legs were jelly when I got off.

METCON (AMRAP 12): Goal was to get a steady pace in and a good workout.  Not a full sprint, but just some steady hard work.  I was a bit disappointed with my final score.  6+18, but as I dissect it, I think it’s because I was stepping up and stepping down for the box jumps and doing 5 cal on the airdyne.  If I was doing double unders, I could have done a bit more.

Overall, the workout felt great. Having strength and some metcon provided for a really satisfactory workout.  I hope we do more like that.

So, about the No Bread Challenge.  I didn’t really participate at the end, as you saw from my dwindling posts about food and such. I just wasn’t feeling it this challenge.  I didn’t submit my before and after.  I was relatively good staying on the No Bread lifestyle with the occasional treat here and there.  I Craic as a whole has set me up to be more aware about what I’m putting in my body and to live a healthier lifestyle in general.  I managed to maintain my weight, but I definitely have some weight loss goals that I need to work harder towards.  I can’t wait to see who from Craic won.  I think Jay and Nicole have a good fighting chance of winning, but we’ll see.

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