Travel Day

I had lots of plans for today.  I was going to get up early, go to class at Craic, go home, last minute packing, and jet out the door on our way to PA to be with Niko’s family for Thanksgiving.  Then, after doing a mini-poll on Facebook about when we should leave in the morning, I decided to scrap Craic plans and we were going to leave bright and early to avoid traffic.  Neither of these plans ended up happening.  Ugh.  I woke up around 2:00AM and starting puking my guts out and had an upset stomach for the remainder of the evening.  I slept in, hoping I would be ok enough to drive to Philly.

We ended up leaving around 8:00AM and after stopping at virtually every rest stop between Dedham and Philly – ended up getting to Philly in about 6.5 hours.  I didn’t eat all day, for fear of having an unfortunate incident on the road – but the minute I got to my in-laws house – I ate a banana and some oatmeal and managed to keep it in my system!  Yay.  This made me feel confident that I could devour my mother in laws homemade taquitos (which I did).

So this isn’t really a post about Crossfit, Cats, or Video Games…but thought I’d share what happens on the days I don’t workout.  Here’s a cute little picture of a market called Swiss Farms in the suburb that we’re staying in.  It’s freaking adorable.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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