ElizaFranStina at Crossfit Delaware Valley

After all the food from the holidays and getting over the stomach bug, I got back at it and went and worked out at Crossfit Delaware Valley.  There were about 20 people working out today and almost half of them were from out of town.  Great facility in Broomall, PA that’s been around since 2007 and owned by Rob Miller.  He turned out to be our coach today and was simply fantastic. Such a great guy, and it really set the tone for the workout.  They were really welcoming and friendly, something I really appreciate when visiting other Crossfit boxes.  I met one woman named Aimee from Atlanta, another named MJ from S. Carolina, and my workout partner was a gal named Kris who was in town from Orlando.  There were a bunch others and all of our bellies were bigger than normal from pigging out yesterday.

The workout was ElizaFran, which is a combination of the of the “girls” workouts – Elizabeth and Fran.  It was written as follows:


Squat Clean Thrusters (95/65)
Ring Dips

Because I’m still a bit tentative about my shoulders, I decided to play it safe and modify.  I emailed Coach John last night and confirmed how I should modify.  I did the workout as follows:

ElizaFranStina (my mod wod)


Squat Cleans Thrusters @ 75#
Ring Dips Chest to Abmat Push-ups
Pullups  Ring pulls

Holy shit, this workout sucked.  A combination of it just…well, being a HAM workout, getting over the stomach bug, and eating like crap yesterday.  Wow.  I had to break up the squat cleans like crazy.  Sometimes only doing 1-2 reps at a time.  Kris did a great job of cheering me on and coaching me through.  I didn’t feel like I jumped back on the cleans, however I did have not-so-consistent elbows.  The push-ups were also broken out and the ring pulls were almost my recovery time between sets, although I had to break them up as well.  This was a tough workout and more than once my mind thought about quitting.  Especially during the squat cleans.  What I would have given to have just power cleaned them.  The squat part was excruciating.  I got through the workout in 13:03. 

Kris did an amazing job as well.  She did the squat clean thrusters and did a really great job breaking up the sets.  I kind of messed up counting for her in the first round and was counting her down to 15 reps…when it should have been 21…oops!  If I ever go to Orlando, I’m going to visit her CF box!

Here’s a picture of me and Rob at CF Delaware Valley.  Outside of Craic, one of the best coaches I’ve encountered!  We’re on top of the jerk boxes, yo.


And here’s my workout partner, Kris. She was awesome!

Back at it tomorrow.  Deadlifts and the dreaded tabata!



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