Happy Thanksgiving!

Didn’t workout today, but provided plenty of reason for me to get my ass to Crossfit Delaware Valley tomorrow morning.  Looks like they are doing a workout called ElizaFran.  I emailed John and confirmed some ways that I should modify.

Was a great Thanksgiving.  After this tumultuous year, I’m very thankful for my Niko, family, friends, cats, and crossfit.  Without any of them, this year would have completely sucked.

The weather was beautiful in the Philly area today, so we took advantage and we all went for a walk around Swarthmore College, which is about a 5 minute drive from here.  Fall hasn’t completely left the area and it made for a beautiful walk about.  Niko’s cousin, Joel, drove up from the DC area and joined us for Thanksgiving as well.  He got here early this morning.  Niko’s mom made a delicious spanish tortilla for breakfast and then we headed out.  Here are some of the sights:

We then went home and lounged around the house.  My shoulder has been bothering me a bit, so I used the lacrosse ball to work some of the bad bits out.  Never leave home without it now.  I carry one in my purse.  After that, I put on my kitty slippers and spent some time on my iPad.

We had an epic Thanksgiving dinner, filled with deliciousness.

Overall, great day.  We ended the day playing Cards Against Humanity with Niko’s whole family, including his parents.  I was a bit worried, but they ended up really liking it and some of the combos they picked solidified them as best in laws ever.




One comment

  1. It sounds like you guys had an excellent Thanksgiving. I agree with you having awesome in-laws… it’s not easy to cross the line of inappropriateness with them. I remember thinking Rich was a badass when I was a kid because he had a baseball hat with a bikini top & foam boobs above the brim. Does he still have that one?! Haha!

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