Tabata at Crossfit Delaware Valley

Today I got a workout in at CFDV before we left to head back to Boston. There were less visitors there today, but there were a few from yesterday and also some new friendly people. It definitely reminded me of the atmosphere at Craic, people there are so awesome. I’m glad that they are there to be my go to crossfit box when I’m visiting my in-laws in PA!

Our coach today was Brandon Vescio. The workout was:

Deadlift – Find 5RM

and then a

“Tabata Trio”

Row (cals)
Slamballs (30/20)
Double Unders Russian KB swings 26#

I worked out with a girl named Jaime who is a freaking beast. Her 1RM deadlift is at least 315# (I can’t remember the exact number, but … definitely over 315#) She is amazing! Her goal for the 5RM was 245# for this workout. My goal was 205#. I did the following rep scheme: 135#, 165#, 175# and I ended up finishing 5RM @ 185#. I tried 205#, but it just didn’t feel right. After doing getting to 185#, I thought better of doing 205#, as I was going to be sitting in a car for 7-8 hours for the drive home later today and since my initial lift didn’t feel great, I just stopped. Jaime got to her 245#. She has such a smooth deadlift. I love watching other people lift with good form because you just learn so much. Brandon gave me a good pointer about opening my hips faster as I get to the top of the lift as well that I will definitely take with me in the long term. Great workout partner AGAIN at CFDV!

Then we went onto the TABATA trio. This was rough. We did all three exercises without a rest in between. That’s 24 rounds. Have you ever wanted to cry in the middle of a workout? I did today. I think I wanted to cry the last time we did a TABATA workout at Craic (which was in June). I started on the rower. They scored the TABATA differently, total score for each exercise was your score (vs. lower score, which is what we do at Craic). I started with the row, which wasn’t terrible. I’m beginning to really like rowing (at least the row sprints). Then we went to slam balls and mid-way through the 8 rounds of those, that’s when I started to feel exhausted. But you just power through. That’s what you do…there is a finite amount of time that the workout could last and I just put on my big girl pants and powered through. Then we went to the Russian KB swings. Before it started, I felt confident about 24# because I usually workout with the 35# KBs…that confidence fell away very quickly after the first round. Between the deadlifts and the slam balls…my arms and my core were shot.

Final scores:

Row: 48 cals total

Slam Balls: 52 (Rounds: 4,6,7,7,7,7,7)

KB Swings: 70 (Rounds: 8,8,9,8,8,9,10,10)

Here’s a shot of me and Jaime post TABATA. Jaime looks all rested and I’m a hot mess. I know I’m Asian and my eyes are normally squinty, but I apparently couldn’t even keep them open I was so zonked!

Went back to my inlaws, packed up and we were off for home. If any of you watch How I Met Your Mother, I felt like Barney Stinson did after he ran a marathon and sat in the subway. Ouch!



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