Testing, Day 2 – 500m Row

I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened this morning.  I’ve been working on rowing a lot, we even bought a rower!  Jarrod has been coaching the shit out of rowing classes and I’ve been trying really hard to get my form more efficient.  The last time I tested with Jarrod, my time was 1:58.  I did a semi-speed row a couple of weeks ago as a warm-up at got 1:56.  Today, for the testing day – I wanted to get sub 1:55 – that’s been my goal for quite some time now.

Jarrod, again, gave some really good pointers and a great talk before we did the trial.  He said that he hoped that at least one of the following three things happen to us as we finish the 500m trial – it would be a mark of some hard work:

  1. Our face goes numb.  We can’t feel our mouth, nose, or cheeks.
  2. Our quads and legs are screaming – like our hamstrings are trying to remove themselves from your ass.
  3. T-Rex arms from all the effort (likely caused from in-efficient form, but will prove max effort!)

Jarrod coaching, looking fashionable with his cap

I knew it was less than 2:00 minutes of my life…Kendyl (with whom I was sharing a rower) went in the first round.  Everyone finished and they looked completely wasted.  COMPLETELY.  I think they took Jarrod’s criteria to heart.  I looked at my friend Leila and said we both said to each other with our eyes “Holy shit, this is gonna suck.  Look at the round 1 group.”

Now it was my turn.  I decided that I wasn’t going to look at the time, but instead I knew that I could finish the 500m in less than 60 strokes, so I just counted down strokes.  For some reason, I found this easier to do – and sometimes looking at the clock slows me down.  I occasionally glanced at the pace part of the clock to make sure I was maintaining a quick pace.  The last 100m were brutal.  I just wanted the meters tick down, counted down my strokes and gave it all I had.  I knew that I had definitely broken 1:55, but had no idea how I’d done.  I didn’t look at my time immediately, and that was only after Jarrod said “I’d say that time just put you at #3 on the board…” Wait, what?  I looked at my time:

That’s right!  1:46.6!  Holy shit.  Like I said in the beginning of the post, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.  It put me on the board for the 500m row at #3. I know that this is bragging, but I pretty much killed my goal and the time trial on the rower. I’m not sure if that will stay as the day progresses, but I’ll take it for the morning.  My friend, Reggie, also made the men’s board today with a time of 1:25.  He’s an animal.  I love him!  I not only surprised myself, but I think I surprised Jarrod too with my time.  He called me a ninja, and was quick to clarify that it’s not because I’m Asian…so I think it’s because I ninja’d my way onto the board? 🙂

Here we are feeling pretty good about our times today and showing the rower who the boss is:

It took me FOREVER to recover.  My face felt numb, my quads were on fire so much that it was hard even walking around without feeling all wobbly.  The second part of the workout was supposed to be four rounds at 80% effort of your row trial.  I think I did about 60% of my row effort for the four rounds, but it was the best way to recover from that all out effort.

Overall a great way to kick off the day.  Couldn’t have done it without my pals cheering me on and the excellent rowing coaching of Jarrod Dizzle Davis.  Love me some Craic.

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