Craic crushes the row!

It was an epic day of rowing yesterday.  Susie Diesel crushed her #1 spot-worthy 500m row with an amazing 1:42.6 (her previous PR was 1:44).  Keep in mind, she did this with a “boot cast” on – as she injured her foot a bit and practically rowed one-legged-style.  Judy L., who is a freaking amazing athlete, knocked me down to #4 with a time of 1:44.7.  Reggie, who I mentioned yesterday, kept his spot at #5 all day!

However, one of the most impressive shows is our very own Jarrod Dizzle Davis who did the row, thinking that there was no way he was going to PR.  He sat #1 at 1:22.7 and didn’t think that there was any way he was going to be able to even match it.  Well, like me during my 500m row…he surprised himself.  Check out his 1:21.3 PR time yesterday.  Glen coaching him the entire way!

I was supposed to do Friday’s test today, but last night my knee really started bothering me and I didn’t want to poke at it with a workout of thrusters, burpees, and running right before I am about to leave on a business trip.  The last thing I needed was to make it worse!  Tomorrow I’m headed to Las Vegas and then Seattle for a business trip.  Hope to get visits in at Crossfit Las Vegas and Foundation Crossfit.

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