Foundation Crossfit in Seattle

Greetings from the road again!  After Las Vegas, I flew up to Seattle last night for some meetings and then on an early AM flight back home tomorrow morning.  Haven’t worked out as much as I would have liked, but managed to get a kick ass massage (instead of working out) on Saturday.  It was like an 80 minute mobility session as I got some deep tissue and Thai stretching in.  I was tempted to get the relaxing Swedish massage, but my body was in dire need of some crazy stretching and deep work into the little bits that had formed all over my body.  I lucked out because the dude who massaged me was this huge former contractor turned massage therapist and he was able to really exact a ton of painful stretches and massage maneuvers all over. (Painful in a good way).

image (8)

Flew up to Seattle last night and got up bright and early to go to Foundation Crossfit in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle.  Great space, a little bit bigger than Craic – so it reminded me of home.  The coach was name Pao and he was awesome.  I paid $20 and got to go to class AND they gave me a t-shirt!  (By the way, I think all boxes should offer this to visitors!  Free t-shirt with paid first visit helps promote their box…) Pao was a great coach (his title on the Foundation Crossfit site is Coach / Ninja).  He had a lot of good energy, and since the class was small, he was able to provide everyone meaningful feedback on the various moves we did.  There were six people in the class, which was nice as a visitor as you don’t get lost in a big class.  We did the following workout and I did as follows:

establish within 15 minutes:
a heavy 1-rep push press

I ended up working up to 47 kilos(~103#)  (all their weights w
ere in kilos) I actually jerked my first attempt and corrected myself for the 2nd rep.  I didn’t want to go too heavy because of my shoulder issues.  I think I did 75# when I did the push press workout with Nicole a couple of weeks ago, so I’ll take it.  Pao reminded me to keep my gaze forward and fixed.  My first reps (at a lighter weight) I was looking all over the place.
Pendlay Row 3×8

I had never done this one before and did my first set at 42 kilos and did the final two sets at 47 kilos.  The last three of my last set were messy.  I was coming up a bit and also rounding my back a lot.  Pao told me next time, get 5 good reps in and once I got to crappy form…stop and be happy with the five good reps.

hang squat clean, 61/45kg
slapping pushups

So I obviously didn’t do slapping push-ups.  The modification he gave me was plyometric pushups, which were essentially to push up from the ground and lift your hands up really quick.  I opted to do those.  I ended up doing 32 kilos (~70#) for the workout.  Looking back, I should have done closer to the Rx weight, but I was worried about the squatting portion of it and if I’m being honest, was self-conscious about finishing last.  Coach Pao told us that he wanted us to do a weight where we could move relatively quickly and finish around the 15:00 mark.  When I came in, I saw a woman doing the Rx weight and push-ups with her feet on a bench and she finished in 19:00. So I opted for the 32kg weight and went through the workout relatively quickly. Final time, 11:47. (47 seems to be a driving number in all three portions 😉 ) The major issue for this workout (which Pao warned us about) was a grip / wrist issue.  While the 70# was relatively light for me, I had to break them up into two sets for the first couple and the pushups killed my wrists!

While I finished quicker than I targeted, I still got a really good workout in and had a great time at Crossfit Foundation.  With the decent amount of travel I do, it’s nice to be part of the Crossfit community  and be able to go to almost any city and workout with a crew there.  Crossfit Foundation will definitely be my go-to box while I’m in Seattle.

Here’s me and Ninja Coach Pao post WoD:

image (7)



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