Test 3 – Make-Up

Sara was going to be coaching this weekend and was in the gym a bit early prior to the first class of the morning.  She let me come in and do the make-up of last Friday’s test (the last of the testing week tests).  I had to modify, per Jarrod’s suggestion, so I ended up doing a 65# front squat instead of 55# thrusters.  Holy quad work, Batman.

batmancatYes, that’s a cat that looks like Batman.

Anyway, back to the workout: 4 rounds for time – 200m row, 7 front squats @65#, 7 burpees

This was a tough slog.  I was surprised on the load my quads took just from the row.  And then to go straight into the front squats and burpees.  My quads were ON FIRE.  It was supposed to be an all out sprint, unbroken.  I focused on doing the entire thing unbroken and maintained a fast, yet steady pace.  It kicked my ass.  I laid face down on the ground for a good three minutes when I finished my final round.  Final time: 9:13.  Between this workout and the back squats on Thursday my legs are toast.

After, I ate my humble pie and did some push-ups on the box to work on getting my form down correctly.  This is going to take some hard work and I’m going to try to work on them every day.  I got some good pointers from Johnny D. and Paul Teehan as well (they were in the gym doing separate workouts).



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