I’m going to be walking funny after that…

Today was a terrible workout day for me.  I did a new movement which completely kicked my ass.  Add it to the things for me to work on.

The workout was:

A1)  Rear foot elevated DB split squats 6-8/leg x5 rest 60 seconds bw legs -3 down 1sec pause explode up 1 sec pause at top

A2) 10 ring rows, 20# bi-cep curls to max effort
Here’s a demo video that John put together of the rear foot elevated DB split squats (say that five times fast).  The video has a guest appearance by Bruin!

Looks easy-ish, right?  I thought I’d do a decent amount of weight, as my legs are the stronger part of my body.  WRONG.  The point is to not use your elevated foot and use the leg you’re standing on.  My foot kept cramping, I couldn’t hold my balance.  My ankles were killing me.  Jarrod said prior to the workout that if your elevated foot is bothering you, you’re doing it wrong.  I was doing it wrong. I couldn’t process how to do it correctly.  I got the hang of it sort of with the lighter weight, but the minute I moved to a heavier weight – all hell broke loose.  My legs are going to be so sore tomorrow, I’ll surely be walking funny by the end of the day.  The final weight I got to was 52#.  Ugh.  Not much to say about today other than that.  Just have to put the work in.

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