Back squats, front squats…every where you squat squat!

Straight forward workout today. Lots of…you guessed it… squats!

7×7 backsquats – about 75% – 80% of your 1RM weight.  I did 145#.  It was nice to not have to pause at the bottom of the squats like last week.  Worked with Kendyl and Leila today.  Love them. I need to work on keeping my knees out when I come up from the back squat.  

The second half of the workout was 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 front squats and for me, ring pulls.  I did 75# for the front squats.  Was able to do entire set unbroken.  Just focused on maintaining a steady, quick pace throughout the entire ladder.  Worked on not using my legs to propel me upward on the ring rows.  Am definitely feeling it in my back muscles and shoulders.  Final time was 7:08. 

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