Post-Apolcalypse Workout

Well, the world didn’t end yesterday.  Grumpy Cat is not happy about it.

gc apocalypse

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days.  I officially went on vacation as of Thursday and I’ve been a little lax in posting.


Went to the 7:30 class and got partnered with Ryan.  He’s a 20-something that is a bit of a powerhouse, so we had to switch up the weights after every round.  Barbell math is hard in the morning!  Workout was:

5 Rounds increasing weight every set
5 Front squats
rest 10sec
10-12 Back Squat
rest 3mins

I did a warm-up set at 45# and then one at 75# and then started to work up.  I had 125# in my head when I started as where I would end up and I did the following weight scheme: 95#, 105#, 110#, 115#, 125#.  I think that I should have not put the 125# in my head, because I probably could have ended up at a heavier weight.  This strength workout was deceiving because it really winded me (and everyone else) and that three minutes between sets flew by fast.  Ryan ended up at 210#.  Beast.  The last 4 reps of each of the back squats seemed almost impossible at times, but I ended up getting 12 reps for every set.


This was supposed to be a rest day for me (day 5 at the gym) – but I had to go in to the 6:30AM class because it was my friend Nicole’s last day at the gym before she was taking off to go and have her baby.

On Friday, everyone did what looked like a killer WOD, but I rowed most of the time (active recovery).  My left wrist is bothering me and my grip gave out about 10 minutes into the row.  I used a lacrosse ball to work out some of the kinks in my forearm muscles.  Not sure what’s going on there, but hoping that some mobility and such will work it out.

Here’s the 6:30AM crew showing up to say their goodbyes to our girl, Nicole.  We’ll miss her screaming out “10 SECONDS!!!” as the clock countdowns to our WODs starting!  I know she hates when people say this, but she’s truly been inspiring to workout with during her pregnancy because she’s such an animal.  She’s due in like three weeks and worked out until the last moment she possibly could.  She modified workout appropriately, but really busted her ass during every workout.  When I work out with her, I really have no excuse.

photo 3 (1)


This was a pretty straightforward workout…and it was nice to go to Craic on a Saturday – I haven’t been in awhile.  The WOD was three rounds for total reps:

  • 1:00 Wall Balls
  • 1:00 Sit-Ups
  • 1:00 KB Swings
  • 1:00 REST

I substituted push-ups on the box for wall balls.  My right knee has been sore since the squat workout.  These killed me for total reps.  I was only able to get 11-13 push-ups per round.  This was a quick workout, but really used my shoulders and core a lot.  Hopefully I won’t be too sore tomorrow.  Great class, great energy.  Total score was 145.  Not a ton to say about this workout as it was pretty straightforward.




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