DT = Deceivingly Tough!

Had no idea what I was getting myself into this morning. Saw the WOD last night and was excited because it was a lifting WOD. What I didn’t know is that the WOD is actually a Hero WOD and it kicked my ass.

I thought I’d go on the “lighter” side because I’m still easing back into shoulder to overhead. After talking with Jarrod, I decided to go with 75#. With any barbell complex, if you drop the weight, you have to pick it up again and do the progressive lifts to get to the last one. So the WOD (called DT) was as follows:

5 rounds for time with same weight

  • 12 deadlifts
  • 9 hang power cleans
  • 6 push jerks

So, if you dropped the weight after your 12 deadlifts, you’d end up having to do a 13th deadlift to start your hang cleans.  If you dropped your hang cleans, you’d end up doing 10 cleans instead.  It was rough.  The hang power cleans were the worst part.  I broke up my deadlifts because I knew going into the hang cleans, I’d need a little extra energy to get the first few reps out.  I ended up doing the first set unbroken and then it fell apart after that.  We had a 15 minute time cap and I was really concerned with finishing at that time cap.  Screw my bad shoulder, even if my shoulder was the picture of health, I still would have struggled at anything higher than 75#.  The second set, I think I broke it up in (6,6) (4,3,2) (6) and then it got all jarbled from there.  Final time was 11:38.

The push jerk felt good, didn’t bother my shoulder (just got a bit heavy).  I like doing jerks.  (Take that comment as you will)

Headed up to Maine to spend Christmas with the family and hoping to get a WOD in with Crossfit Lewiston.  Wicked stoked that there’s a box that’s open near-ish to where my family lives 🙂



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