Christmas Eve Team WOD

I was cutting it too close with going to Crossfit Lewiston, so I decided to workout this morning with the Craic crew at the 9AM class before we left for Maine. It ended up being a team WOD, teams of three. Smartly programmed as class was PACKED this morning. I modified the crap out of this team WOD. Partnered with Jayme and Carleen – two tough gals and it was a blast.

It was a AMRAP 20:
partner 1 runs 200 m while
partner 2 does amrap thrusters 105/75
partner 3 does amrap toes to bar
score equals total reps for the whole team

I ended up subbing 12 calories on the airdyne for the run (I tried a warm up run and my ankle was not having it), an on the ground toes to bar type thing for the actual toes to bar, and front squats.

We ended up going at a good clip and got around 351 or so. Jarrod had us think of an interesting name for our team, so I suggested “The Cat’s Meow” and Jayme and Carleen agreed. My knee, during the 2nd round of front squats felt like it slipped out of place. It was really scary. It only hurt after that when I straightened my leg completely and it’s not bothering me now. It scared the crap out of me when it happened. I just need to be more careful and Jarrod suggested getting some knee sleeves to keep them warm.

Short-ish post today as I’m about to leave for Maine. Happy holidays to everyone out there!

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