2013 Begins with a WOD (but almost didn’t)

I don’t have anything deep to say for my first post of 2013.  I went to bed super late last night and woke up around 10am.  Which is the latest that I’ve slept in a very long time.  I lazed around on the couch most of the morning and then Niko and I went to grab some lunch at The Met Bar.

Last night was a lot of fun, we went to our friend’s house (the same NYE party we go to every year) – and I ate a lot of delicious, delicious food.  Mostly what my fellow Craicheads would call BREAD. Our friend Ana is just such an amazing cook, baker, and hostess…it was hard to say no.  Since I don’t drink, it was easy to say no to the alcoholic drink flavored gummies.  But I didn’t say NO to the homemade mac and cheese, cookies, sparkling apple cider, sweet potato rolls, potatoes with parmesan and garlic, or…more cookies.  I did have some NO BREAD friendly stuff like ham and roasted broccoli.  I was stuffed by the time new year’s eve rolled around.

Niko and I ring in 2013

Niko and I ring in 2013

Cocktail flavored gummies

Cocktail flavored gummies

Anyway, back to lazing around.  I did this all afternoon after lunch with no intention of going to the 4:30 class (the last class of the day).  I tried to justify it in my head, but I couldn’t really find a reason as to why I shouldn’t go and then had an entire conversation with myself about “If sitting on the couch is really how I wanted to kick off 2013?” and “Would I regret not working out later…” And at the last minute, I jumped up, changed into my workout gear and did quite possibly one of the most fun workouts that I’ve done in a long time.

It was an AMRAP 30, teams of three.  I partnered with Lori and Jayme.  I love working out with Jayme. She’s so strong and has such a great energy to workout with.  I never get to workout with her (she doesn’t really do mornings) and it seems that almost every time we do team workouts, that’s when I end up being at the gym with her.  Also, I didn’t know Lori very well and have teamed with her over this holiday break a couple of times.  Really good group of gals!  Each round consisted of rowing 30 cals, 30 push-ups, 30 KB swings.  Each team member was responsible for 10 each and no two people could be working out at the same time.  So we all started at the rower I did 10 cals, Lori rowed for 10 cals, then Jayme.  Same thing for push-ups and kb swings.   I did ring rows instead of push-ups.  I was really worried about doing a 30 minute AMRAP – but this ended up being manageable.  You’d go all out for your portion and then rest while your partners were going.  I ended up doing Russian kettle bell swings (shoulder) and did 44#.  They ended up feeling relatively light.  I love team workouts and working with Jayme and Lori was awesome.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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