You are where you are

One time at a pull-up clinic that Craic ran over the summer, I got really frustrated with the fact that I could barely do a negative pull-up. I was having a small pity party when Coach Pete pulled me aside and said “Christina, you are where you are.  Until you accept that, you’re not going to move forward.”  His words resonated with me that day, and I need to not forget them on days like I had this morning.

Today’s workout was:

High hang snatch work with the PVC and 15# bar

Then, 5 RFT:

7 high hang snatches

9 box jumps

Dr. Rockett said that I could start doing things again, so long as I wasn’t in pain.  I’ve been out of the snatch game for so long (hey-o!) that it’s been fear to get back in there (hey-o x 2!)  Okay, so now that I’ve stopped being a 12-year old…  Anyway, at my appointment in November I had decided that I needed to start doing snatches again, at a very low weight, to get back into the swing of things.  I’ve been slowly starting to do overhead stuff, but stuff that relies on my rotator cuff (like kipping or snatches) are things that I’ve been avoiding.  Over the last couple of days, I’ve been thinking about easing back into doing snatches and I guess today was the day.

I started with the PVC pipe as Jarrod took us through some drills and it didn’t bother me very much.  My shoulder was a little tight during the drills, but it was definitely from non-use vs. my rotator cuff injury.  Then, after talking to Jarrod – we decided that I would do the workout with the 15# bar.  While I was in agreement with this, it was incredibly frustrating. A 15# bar?  ARGH.

Then, I tried some box jumps and while I could get up on the box, the impact to my ankle didn’t feel great – so I did step-ups instead.

This was a taxing workout on the legs (with all the squatting and step-ups).  I’m definitely opening my hips late and leaning forward, but tried to focus on getting under the bar (which is a big fear of mine).  My shoulder felt great (especially because Jarrod had me do some bullet proof shoulders to warm it up prior to the workout).  I still did my jumping backwards, but you have to start somewhere right?

After the workout, I was really frustrated with the fact that I was doing snatches with a 15# bar and chatted with Jarrod.  He’s great about giving me perspective.  And that, he did.  Jarrod injured his back a couple of months ago and was down for the count for a good, long time.  When he started lifting weights and working out again, Jarrod (who’s snatch PR was around 200#) started with the 45# bar.  After doing a very methodical build up to heavier weights over a month – he PR’d his clean and jerk and his snatch. Now, I’m not expecting to PR my clean and jerk or snatch over the next month – but his pep talk took me back to Pete’s words over this summer.  Time to accept where I am and not get frustrated about it.  Just be realistic of where I am and methodically get to a better version of me.


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