Back at it after three or four days off being sick.

Yesterday was a team workout (love those Saturday team workouts that Craic is doing!) I worked out with Kim, and she and I were hoping to get through at least one round.  The workout was an AMRAP 15, only one team member working out at a time:

  • 150 double unders
  • 100 kettle bell swings (35#)
  • 75 wall balls (13#)
  • 50 ab mat sit ups
  • 25 burpees

I still can’t do double unders because of my ankle (or jump roping for that matter) so Kim carried the team through the jump ropes.  And then we divided everything pretty evenly.  We did so much better than we thought at 1+224! It was a great way to jump back into Craic.  The wall balls are what killed both of us, but we managed to get through it! This week’s team name was KimStina!

Then I went to open gym this morning and did Thursday’s workout.  It was an EMOM, even minutes 5 power cleans (heavy) and 5 ring dips on the odd minutes. I wanted to ease back into the strength stuff and opted to do 95#.  95# seemed easy-ish after the first couple of rounds, so I went to 100#.  I should have gone to 110# or more looking back, but I’m okay with 100# as I’m just getting back after being sick.  The workout felt great, and it felt even better because I did the workout with Barb, Kerstin, and Beth.  It’s always better to workout with other people.  I did the ring dips with the green band (tried one round with the blue band) and while it was pretty easy, it did  stress out my shoulders a bit – so green was a good way to ease back into using my shoulders.  John came over midway through the WoD and told me to keep my arms straight longer with my cleans.  It’s amazing the little micro-adjustments make things more efficient.  My cleans felt so much better after that.

I’m also really excited because after an impromptu dinner with Johnny D. and Susie Diesel, I ended up agreeing to flying out to SF on Friday to go to the NorCal Masters.  It’s a Crossfit Masters competition that Johnny D is competing in this weekend plus a mini-Crossfit Conference.  Will be nice to getaway for a long weekend as well.  The only sad part is that Niko can’t go 😦

Going to listen to my body this week and workout  when it feels right.  Don’t want to push myself too far before I’m about to fly away on a jet plane and recovering from being sick!



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