It’s been almost a week since my last post.  Which I apologize for.  I’ve been battling sickness, work has been crazy, and I’ve been traveling.  I didn’t get in much last week before I left for California (details which will come later in my next post) but the workout that I did last week was:

1min DB PP
1min rest
1min walking lunges
1min rest
1min wallballs
1min rest
1min kettlebell swings
1min rest
1min situps
1min rest

I did a barbell push press because using the free weights overhead hurt my left shoulder.  I used 35#.  The goal of the workout was to go at a fast pace and keep consistent through the two rounds.  There was no break (other than the 1 min) between rounds.  I used the 13# med ball (easing back into the overhead movements) and the 35# kettle bell (and did Russians).  I managed to keep pretty consistent between rounds (136 and 139).  I managed to squeak out 39 walking lunges the second round (vs. 36 the first round).  Felt great after this workout and I’m glad I was able to maintain for the second round.

photo (7)




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