Sick as a mofo

It’s been over a week since I last worked out.  I was felt like shit last week, got a workout in and then rebounded for my trip to SF.  As I wrapped up my trip to SF and headed home, I started to get a stuffed nose – which I thought were allergies.  Turns out I was coming down with a head cold.  While I went to work yesterday, I’m home today.  Here’s my stay at home kit:

Tissues with aloe, blistex (lips are all dried up, can't currently breathe through my nose), and nasal gel (been blowing my nose all the time)

Tissues with aloe, blistex (lips are all dried up, can’t currently breathe through my nose), and nasal gel (been blowing my nose all the time)

Niko is a lucky man, for sure. Nasal gel = sexy…right? I won’t even post a picture of how pathetic I look.

This is also re-test week at Craic and I’m not going to be able to retest my row (I was knocked off the top 5 times board yesterday by two beastly women – Anne D. and Lisa!) and definitely not the Row, Thrusters, Burpees workout.  I might be able to retest my back squat some time this week – but we shall see.  Having not worked out for a week, I’m a bit nervous about how I’m going to do.  I’m especially bummed because this was part of an analysis / training period at Craic and if we don’t have our scores in by this Saturday – our data won’t count towards the analysis.  It’s really tough mentally and physically to not have worked out for a week.  I feel a bit removed from the gym and working out…

I’ll also casually mention in this post that I started Whole 30 yesterday.  Niko is doing it with me, so I’m looking forward to it and will hopefully make things eaiser. I had planned on being pretty strict about it – but I have needed some cough drops occasionally during this sickness.  I got Ricola ones as they seemed to have the most natural ingredients.  I didn’t go with the Sugar Free ones because they have a lot of gross chemicals.  The Ricola ones have sugar listed in the ingredients, but it’s the last ingredient on the list – which means that sugar made up the least amount in the cough drop.  Food wise:

Morning: Bacon, eggs

Lunch: Salad with lots of veggies, two hardboiled eggs, roast beef slices

Dinner: Tuna / Salmon tartare with taro chips, all-beef hot dog (no bun), broccoli with garlic and chili flakes

One more thing before I go – mad props to my pal Susie Diesel who broke the 1:40 barrier on the 500m row with a chart topping time of 1:39.3 … her and Johnny D have re-defined the term “Power Couple.”

That’s about all the energy I can muster for now. Gotta go and blow my nose and cough up a lung.


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