Deadlifts and Dips

Today was a strength workout.  Perfect way to get back into working out, as I can’t really do a lot of cardio right now as I can’t breathe through my nose and heavy breathing makes me break into coughing fits.

It was great to get back into the gym and just be moving around a bit.  The warm up exhausted me.  I didn’t go all out on the workout for reasons that are probably obvious considering the amount of whining about being sick I’ve been doing.  Anyway the workout was:

A1) TnG Deadlift 10-8-6-4-2 – rest 10sec
A2) Muscle Ups, Pullups, Dips (pick one)

B) 3×15 DB external rotations L+R

So basically, 10 deadlifts and then pull-up and dip work; 8 deadlifts and then pull-up and dip work; and so forth.  John was the coach this morning.  He told us to increase weight each set.  I started out really light. Then we worked on pull-ups and dips with a partner “supporting” us.  I worked with my friend Lauren who is SUPER AMAZING at pull-ups and gymnastics skills.  Here’s what “support” partnering is (taken from the Craic main site last night):

“Recently we’ve had a lot of success in helping people get stronger at pullups through the use of having a partner spot you. Sometimes negatives are too challenging and the jump between resistance bands can sometimes be too easy or too hard. By having a partner help you through the sticking point of the exercise they are able to give you just enough resistance to help you complete each rep. This is just another one of the many techniques that we include in our program to help our clients get to the next level with their training.”

This was my first time back on the pull-up bar in over two months, so I was a bit weary about it.  But I managed to squeak out two supported pull-ups and two assisted dips (barely).  My right shoulder felt shitty after the dips – I think it’s because it’s been compensating for my left shoulder.  Need to stay away from bar dips for a bit until I even out my shoulder strength.

Weight scheme for deadlifts were fairly light for me: 115#, 145#, 175#, 195#, 215#.  I stood there deciding for the last set whether or not I had it in me to do 215# instead of 205#.  John told me to take in the spirit of the Crossfit Las Vegas t-shirt I was wearing and take the gamble and go big.  It was a tough 2 reps, but I did it 🙂

Then I did my external rotations and voila … first workout back in the books.


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