Saturday Team Workout – Lei-Tina

On Saturday, we did a team workout.  It was an AMRAP 20.

  • 10 power cleans (65#)
  • 30 double unders

Only one partner working at a time.  I worked with Leila. She did double unders, I did 60 single unders.  First time “jumping” again in a workout and it felt great.  Leila worked really hard through a mental game she plays with herself with double unders and totally nailed it.  Was really happy for her.  The cleans got heavy as the rounds progressed, but we focused on maintaining a steady pace and keeping them unbroken.  Team Lei-Tina’s final score was 12+27.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I’m LOVING the team workouts that Craic is programming on Saturdays.  I think Glen is the one who dreams them up, so props to him 🙂



I was really tired when I originally wrote this post and forgot one of the most important parts from the workout.  Sara was coaching and took us through some drills to work on our power clean skills. Sara has AMAZING lifting form (by the way).  She was breaking down the clean when she mentioned an important queue.  When at the high hang position, when you are bending at the knees, the bar is still at the crease of your hip.  So when you power clean, keep your arms straight, slowly bring the bar up past your knee and keep your knees bent and don’t open your hips / jump until you’re moving past your hip crease.  It’s really hard to describe but it was one of those “ah-ha” moments that I’ve mentioned before that will definitely help me with my cleans moving forward.  I’m super excited.

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