Dare to Be Scared – blog post by Annie Michel

Great post by Annie Michel today on her blog.  She gave me permission to re-post / publish it here.

dare to be scared

Many people in my life, many things in my life are changing right now.  I couldn’t be more happy about this! Change may be inevitable, as the saying goes, but there is a general resistance to allow it.  Consequently, when it does occur, the power from the energy that it takes to undergo change ripples out far beyond the initial source.

Be change. 
Allow change. 
Support change in others.
Let change end in failure.
Let change win over people.
Believe in yourself enough to change.
Pick change up off the street. 🙂

Dare yourself to be scared. 
What you see as being very scary may be what someone else sees as a little scary.
What you see as a little scary may be what someone else sees a hugely scary.
Dare yourself to be scared and find out what’s on the other side of that.

Being resistant to change is easier than being open to it. 
If you’re resistant, you may have to:
do no work
be in a rut
get stuck in fear
never truly be your whole you
never learn anything new
stay hidden
secretly dislike yourself

If you’re open to change you may have to:
do some work
make an effort
be a little uncomfortable
learn a new activity
feel a moment of uncertainty
be less than perfect
find some inner strength
learn something new about yourself
begin to like yourself
appreciate everyone else more
smile, really smile….and often

Dare yourself to be scared.  Amazing things can happen.

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