Air-Dying – Team Workout

Love team workouts.  There’s just something about being supported by a partner that makes you want to do better.  Today, was a rowing team workout and I got to team with one of my most favorite people at Craic – BABS (Bad Ass Barbara!)  Here’s a picture of us post-WOD.  She is awesome and I’m so happy that I got to workout with her today!

photo 2 (3)

The workout was a hero WoD called Tosh. We did a team version of it:

Partner Rowing TOSH
In teams of 2 complete 3 rounds each
Row 200m – rest while your partner goes
Row 400m- rest while your partner goes
Row 600m- rest while your partner goes

I did a 600m row as a warm up and when I got off the rower, my wrist started cramping up.  I was REALLY hoping that the short-ish distances would allow me to row today, but it was not the case.  I think we know where this is leading…AIR DYNE.  Per Jarrod, I progressed in 10, 20, 30 cals instead of 200m, 400m, 600m.

The 10 cals was relatively easy. I was able to go at a fast pace and complete them in about 35-40 seconds.  20 cals got a lot harder…and 30 cals I thought I was going to die.  Also, there is some strategy to what placement you choose in the workout.  If you go second (which I did) after your 600m row (or 30 cal AD) you get hardly any rest after killing yourself, as your partner is beginning the next round with the shortest portion of the workout.  By the third round, I was toast and this was the first workout where I thought I might burst into tears.  The AD decimated me today.  In addition to that, Jarrod was making his rounds during the workout and happened to come by when I was finishing up my final cycle at 30 cal.  He walked up about 10 cals into it and started “motivating” me by telling me to go faster.  He was like “the faster you peddle, the faster you’re done” and telling me to push harder.  I was wondering why he was having me all out sprint, as I had 20 cals to go – and when we I got to 17 cals, he yells “Yea, push!  Only 3 more cals!”  Turns out he thought I was going for 20 cals and that’s why he had me speed it up.  Ugh.  But no, I had 13 cals left and I thought I was going to cry.  I pushed through and fell to the floor. The push helped, as I did the last 30 cals in my best time: 2:02. Final team time: 32:04.

Jarrod being the awesome coach he is, took this picture (without me knowing – CREEPER!)  with the caption “Air-Died”:

photo (9)


After I was able to gather myself together, I had someone take a pic of me on the air-dyne.  Probably one of the only times you’ll see me with a smile while I’m on it.  And as Niko will probably tell you – this is my fake smile.

photo 1 (3)

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