Functional Coaching

Saturday Team WOD

Yesterday was the Saturday Team WoD.  Teamed up with the awesome Beth, who just the previous week, was one of the lucky ladies at Craic that got their first dead hang pull-up.  10 women in all got their first dead hangs after a 8 week cycle of programming.  They are doing a new way of programming (no bands, among other things) and it’s good to see it all work out!

The workout was an AMRAP 20, where partner 1 ran 400 meters while the other partner did the following AMRAP:

  • 10 lateral bar burpees
  • 10 front squats (65#)
  • 10 pull-ups

I wanted to try to start running again, so after talking with Sara, decided to run about 250 meters instead, taking it slow.  Beth ran the whole 400 meters.  I also did ring rows instead of pull-ups.  This was a very MetCon focused workout, you were constantly moving and working for 20 minutes with no rest.  It definitely kicked my ass.  Beth was a great partner and we managed to get a solid round count of 7+15.

Sunday Bro-Session with Dizzle


Today, I started up some private sessions with Jarrod.  Our focus in these sessions are strength and mobility.   Since the next three months are about getting stronger and rehabbing my case of the left, these were perfect.

When he arrived, I saw him go to his cubby and grab the dreaded compression band.  I immediately had a look of panic on my face as it is not a fun mobility tactic.  And by not fun, I mean terrible torture.  He saw the look on my face, stuffed the band in his pocket, and said “You didn’t see anything.  Don’t worry about it” and then compared me to when he has to give Leif (his almost-three-year-old) medicine.  “Hey, Leif, Daddy wants to cuddle you!  Come here!”


Compression Cat

We went over to where I was working out and he had me do some wrist mobility and then some shoulder mobility.  After that, he told me to stand in front of him and press my hand into his chest.  Thinking that this was some more wrist mobility, I obliged.  He then grabbed my arm and started wrapping the compression band around my elbow.  He tricked me!  I guess his experiencing parenting a toddler has prepared him for coaching someone like me.  I’m going to call it Functional Coaching.  Where your real-life experiences help you coach better 🙂 All I needed were belly rubs and a soothing voice and it would have been like I was three again.  Instead, I got some torturous bending and stretching and sage advice like “You don’t feel your elbow with your face, why are you making a face?”  By the time he was done, my hand had no color in it.  He finally took the band off…phew.  And then went to the other arm.  Ugh.   The video below is similar to what Jarrod did to me today (in case you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about).

After that, we tested my pull-up.  We did three assisted pull-ups (he pushed me up) and used that to gauge where I needed work.  Definitely lats and shoulders. And then we began the work:

The strength part consisted of three rounds of two couplets.

Couplet #1

  • 6-8 Single-arm bench press (15#, 20#, 25#)
  • 10 negative ring rows

Couplet #2

  • 6-8 Single arm tri-cep pulls (15#, 20#, 25#)
  • 6 negative push-ups

After that, Jarrod also has me working on metcon a bit – and had me do 10 minutes on the lovely AirDyne for AMCAP (As Many Calories As Possible).  I need to work on my pacing, I think I could have done more – but I ended up with 94 calories.

Looking forward to working with Jarrod on this for the next couple of months and seeing what happens.  I hope to get into the esteemed group of women that have their dead hang pull-ups at some point in the coming months.

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