I heart Jerks, but I don’t do them…

Last night I read the workout and I was so pumped! Clean and jerks! I haven’t done those in a workout in so long.

The workout, as written was:

Power Clean + Jerk
15min to work to a tough single

and then

10 C+J
20 DU’s

Then, I got to Craic and it was an old school 6:30AM crew, including long-term absentees Anthony, Laura, and Elizabeth! We did a mobility warm up and then skill work. And then the workout. I even wore my I ❤ Jerk t-shirt. And then reality hit me and I said to Jarrod “So, for weight for the jerks… I should just go until it hurts, right?” As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I knew how absurd that proposition was and the look on Jarrod’s face confirmed this. As much as I wanted to do jerks, until I’m done rehabbing my shoulder – there is no way I should be throwing that much weight over my head. No jerks for me. This made me sad. Or as Jarrod says “It Tastes Like Sad.”


But I rebounded quickly from this disappointment and we devised a plan. I would build to a heavy 2 rep power clean for the first part and then do the following modified workout for the AMRAP:

  • 10 power cleans
  • 10 dumb bell push press
  • 20 single unders

I managed to work up to 130# for 2 reps and then I did the power cleans in the AMRAP at the Rx weight of 105# and used 15# dumb bells for the push press. Overall great workout. I was toast by the time it was done. Jarrod kept on trying to coach me on my cleans, I’m leaning too far back too early and jumping back … and doing all sorts of things wrong. Added it to the list of things to work on during our weekend sessions.

Final score: 4+2

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