Sunday 1-1

Had a private session with Jarrod today.  Still working on strength and some work on my clean form.  I didn’t have the workout written down for me, so I’m doing this re-cap from memory.

The first part of the workout was 6-8 assisted bench press that consisted of a barbell with two of the skinny red bands pseudo assisting coupled with 10 ring rows.  4 rounds of this.  I went up on weight each round for the bench press – I believe I did 75#, 95#, 115# 135# and with the ring rows, I took 1.5 steps back (vs. 2 steps back from last week) and they were tough!  I only ended up being able to squeak out 7 reps.

After that, I did these jump-thrus, where I had my hands on two mini-parallel bars and had to lift myself up while jumping forward and backwards without hitting the ground.  These were tough and required a decent amount of coordination, none of which I seemed to have today.  I got close to getting the hang of the jumping forward part, but the jumping back was a bit problematic.  We coupled those with 10 straight arm rotations with barbells.

The third part was working on my clean, as I have a tendency to pull early and jump backwards.  We did some hang cleans with some pauses programmed in there so I could teach my brain to pull at the right time and stay on my heels.  We ran out of time and Jarrod had another client come in, so he gave me a cash-out core workout that consisted of three rounds:

  • 10 weighted side bends, 40# kb
  • 10 back extensions on the GHD
  • :30 secs of ring held plank

The plank sucked, but good to work on my core.  It needs it desperately.

Still in a bit of a funk.  Hopefully it will pass soon.

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