AirDyne before AirPlane

Greetings.  I type this as I sit on a plane somewhere above the US.  I’m currently on my way to San Francisco for a business trip.  Must admit, it’s nice to get away from the snow and cold (and I hear I’m missing some lovely freezing rain!)

I didn’t want to go too hard this morning before my all day flight, so I opted to use today as a recovery day and do my airdyne homework that Jarrod gave me.  I upped my airdyne session to 15 minutes, per his instruction for calories.  He told me that my goal was to get at least 150 calories.  I wasn’t too sure how possible this would be going into it, but told myself to just keep a pace of at least 11 cals per minute and I would be more than golden. Strategy worked, but man, 15 minutes on the airdyne is so tedious.  I don’t know how people run on treadmills for hours or are on the elliptical for that long.  It’s not only a tough cardio workout, it’s also just mentally straining because you’re just fazing out.  I ended up getting 167 calories (almost spot on for my pacing) and Jarrod wants me to re-test at some point this week when I get back from SF.

I’m going to try to go to Lalanne Crossfit while I’m in SF, but it will be a last minute call – who knows how I’ll feel when I wake up tomorrow.  Also, the last five times I’ve gone to SF, I’ve gotten sick.  Hopefully not going to make this 6-6.

Jarrod posted this on his blog a couple of days ago, and I just had to re-post.  Love it.


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  1. I hope you’re having a great time in SF and feeling good! I had to google what an airdyne was… I’m with you on any type of indoor cardio on a machine… such a struggle. But you did it, you gangster bear!

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