CFL1 Weekend

Hello after a pretty long absence from blogging!  As mentioned in my previous blog post, I was in San Francisco and came home with a cold which knocked me out of working out for the entire week. Breathing was a major issue.  If I got winded, I would fall into coughing fits.  Yikes! Wahhh!

I originally was keeping this bit of information under my cap, but I realized that the goal of this blog was to be honest and open…and me not talking about this would be against that credo.  I went for my Crossfit Level 1 Trainer test this week.  I wasn’t going to blog about this because I was scared of failing the test and I didn’t want to publicly fail.  Ugh.  But that isn’t what this blog is about and life is about learning from your failure.


Anyway, I mainly did it because I want to potentially judge the Regionals for the Crossfit Games and also, maybe sometime in the far off future – it would be nice to coach.  There are other reasons, but those are the main ones.  I was still pretty sick, and if possible, was going to cancel.  Unfortunately, it was non-refundable and I wasn’t goingto eat the decent amount of money I paid for the weekend seminar and test phase.  I won’t go into all the details of what the weekend entailed, but it was a great time overall.  We had some amazing teachers over the weekend that consisted of James HobartMel Ocker”Beast” OckerbySpencer HendelAustin MalleoloEC Synkowski, and Mat Frankel.  All beasts of the North East!  There were a lot of lectures, practical work, and of course, Crossfit workouts both days.  I learned a ton and it was a great experience.  I’m not sure how I did on the test, I’m not the greatest of testers and with the cold – I’m not sure I could process everything that was being thrown at us.  If I didn’t pass, I’ll just take the test again.  I’m just glad that I got to attend and meet lots of great people from the local Crossfit community.

In one of the breakouts, we worked on deadlifts together…and boy…it finally clicked with me on how to use my hamstrings during this movement.  They are on fire today!

Both days at lunch, we got to watch the instructors workout – which was a treat!  Here are some pictures that I managed to get.

ImageMat, Mel, Austin doing sled pushes
ImageHand Stand Push Ups on the rings … no big deal.
ImageSpencer Hendel doing overhead pistols

In other news, the whale tail hair trend for Team Dizzle has gone further than just me and Jarrod.  We’ve started a trend!  One of them is Mel Ockerby hersself!


I’ll close with this cool class picture of the CFL1 class


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