Easing Back Into It

After working out a bunch this weekend at the CFL1 seminar and recovering from being sick, I decided to take this next week to get back into it – but ease back into it. I took Monday off (my hamstrings were killing me!) and then I went in on Tuesday.

The workout consisted of two phases.  For me, it was:

A) 5 x (5 negative ring rows, followed by  10 15# – 20# bicep curls)

B) 3 x AMRAP 3

  • 20 single unders
  • 10 ring rows

I don’t remember my scores.  I was sure to only take 1.5 steps back on the ring rows per my last session with Jarrod.  They definitely got hard, but I feel like I’m getting a bit stronger.

Last night I went and got some work done on my shoulders by Nichole and decided to let her work ease into me and also didn’t want to just jump right back into working out all the time and getting myself sick again.  This cold / flu / sickness keeps on leaving me and coming back and I’d just like to have a month where I’m not sick.  So I didn’t workout today.  Will plan on doing so tomorrow.




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